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Mountains, Monasteries, Mysteries, Magic.. Bhutan is no ordinary place. It is the last great Himalayan kingdom, shrouded in mystique and magic, where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global developments.

Bhutan offers travellers meditative mountain hikes through pine-scented, monastery-crowned hills along magnificent trails unspoiled by litter. Here you’ll find a fascinating blend of the old and the new among kind-hearted people whose time-honoured beliefs keep them uniquely in tune with their environment. Bhutan’s natural beauty and reverence remain protected.

When it comes to sustainability and conservation, Bhutan leads the pack. The first carbon-negative country in the world its sustainable efforts are extraordinary and can be enjoyed for generations to come. Bhutan is also set to becomes the first fully organic nation so it’s only going to get more beautiful.

Low Volume, High Value Tourism

The Bhutanese pride themselves on a sustainable approach to tourism in line with the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Foreign visitors famously pay a minimum tariff of US$250 per day, making it seem one of the world's more expensive destinations. However, this fee is all-inclusive – accommodation, food, transport and an official guide are all provided, so it's not a bad deal. You don't have to travel in a large group, and you can arrange your own itinerary. What you won't find is budget independent travel.

Surprising Bhutan

Bhutan is like nowhere else. This is a country where the rice is red and where chillies aren't just a seasoning but the main ingredient. It's also a deeply Buddhist land, where monks check their smartphones after performing a divination, and where giant protective penises are painted at the entrance to many houses. Yet while it proudly prioritises its Buddhist traditions, Bhutan is not a land frozen in time. You will find the Bhutanese well educated, fun loving and very well informed about the world around them. It's this blending of the ancient and modern that makes Bhutan endlessly fascinating.

The Last Shangri-La

So why spend your hard-earned money to come here? Firstly, there is the pristine eastern Himalayan landscape, where snow-capped peaks rise above primeval forests and beautiful traditional villages. To this picture-book landscape add majestic fortress-like dzongs and monasteries, many of which act as a stage for spectacular tsechus (dance festivals) attended by an almost medieval-looking audience. Then there are the textiles and handicrafts, outrageous archery competitions, high-altitude trekking trails, and stunning flora and fauna. If it's not 'Shangri-La', it's as close as it gets.

An Environmental Model

Environmental protection goes hand in hand with cultural preservation in Bhutan. By law, at least 60% of the country must remain forested for all future generations; it currently stands above 70%. Not only is Bhutan carbon neutral, but it actually absorbs more carbon than it emits! For the visitor, this translates into lovely forest hikes and superb birding across a chain of national parks. Whether you are spotting takins or blue poppies, trekking beneath 7000m peaks or strolling across hillsides ablaze with spring rhododendron blooms, Bhutan offers one of the last pristine pockets in the entire Himalaya.

Activities in Bhutan

Cultural Tours

Our cultural tours take you to the most enjoyable places to visit from East to West of Bhutan. We’ve included three itineraries tailored to the amount of time you have available for your holiday. If you have more or less days available, or are keen to try something different, let us know via the customisation form.


The best way to see Bhutan’s unspoiled wilderness and experience village culture is on foot. Rural Heritage Bhutan offers a number of treks from gentle wanderings of a few days to the month-long Himalayan epic known as the Snowman Trek.

Some of the world's finest wilderness trekking awaits you in Bhutan.


Beyond its wonderful cultural heritage and unsurpassed trekking, Bhutan is quietly becoming a destination for adventure activities. Rural Heritage Bhutan offers you a chance to float towards Punakha dzong, or to explore tracks and trails on two wheels. Both add an active dimension to your Bhutan experience.

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