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Bhutan, Druk Yul, the Land of the Thunder Dragon. It’s a land of contrasts and in few places is the divide between ancient and the encroaching ‘modern’ so evident. A self-imposed exclusion from the outside world saw life here virtually unchanged until the early 1960s.

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Why Rural Heritage Bhutan

Small Groups

We’re a well established company based out of Thimphu in Bhutan. With guides of up to twenty years experience from all over Bhutan, and a ground team who’ve organised travels for renowned companies, expeditions and even documentary makers.

Customized Trips

Customising a tour is very easy to do, and depending on the time of year, festival dates, and your own personal preferences, it can be well worth doing. Let us know how long you have and when you’d be arriving, and will send you some suggestions based on our experience.

Responsible Tourism

Bhutan’s tourism sector is regarded as one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. Bhutan enjoys a reputation for authenticity, remoteness and a well-protected cultural heritage and natural environment. Today tourism is a vibrant business with a high potential for growth and further development.

Local Tours & Managers

As the only outfit in Bhutan with international standard rafting equipment, the only qualified rafting guides and a fleet of mountain bikes we maintain ourselves, we’re uniquely placed to add as much or as little adventure to your Bhutan experience as you wish for.

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