Beyond its wonderful cultural heritage and unsurpassed trekking, Bhutan is quietly becoming a destination for adventure activities. Rural Heritage Bhutan offers you a chance to float towards Punakha dzong, or to explore tracks and trails on two wheels. Both add an active dimension to your Bhutan experience.

White-water rafting

Rafting on the Mandgi Chu in Bhutan

It's fun, safe and included with any Rural Heritage Bhutan itinerary!

Unique to Rural Heritage Bhutan is the option to include a half-day river adventure to your itinerary at no extra cost.

It’s a wonderful angle from which to experience the landscape. Bhutan’s rivers are pristine and the bird-life you can see around the riverbanks is colourful and diverse. The rapids offer some gentle adrenaline and the flat stretches in between give you a chance to sit back and enjoy the views with nothing but the sound of flowing waters to disturb you.

This is unique to Rural Heritage Bhutan. We’re the only company with the infrastructure and equipment that meets Bhutan Tourism Board’s strict standards. And, importantly, Bhutan’s only two Swift Water Rescue* qualified guides, Chencho and Kinley, will accompany you for your safety.

It’s not every day you can go rafting, and certainly not in Bhutan, so why not take advantage and try it out! It’s just half a day from Punakha and it’s included in cost of your trip. To get a better idea of rafting in Bhutan, see the gallery here.

Mountain biking

Second only to walking, biking is one of the best ways to experience rural Bhutan. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, although there are some fantastic trails and farm roads in the hills around Thimpu, Paro and Punakha, and you can happily explore the valley floor at your own pace. Just ask us if you wish to spend a little time exploring on two wheels and we’ll work it in to your customised itinerary.

Another popular option is to take bikes along with you for the whole trip. Then you can cycle and explore at every night’s stop, and cycle some of Bhutan’s wonderful winding mountain roads. It’s a fabulous way to travel and a great way to observe the abundant wildlife. When you’re tired, or we have to make up time, then we’ll just load up the bikes in the trailer and continue driving.

There are actually very few bicycles in Bhutan and Rural Heritage Bhutan have 24 of them! They’re high quality Kona bikes well serviced after every usage at our workshop in Thimphu.

See a few pictures from some biking excursions below. Click an image to view.

* The Swift Water Rescue Course is aimed at rescue professionals, emergency services, and professional river and raft guides, and is the benchmark standard in many parts of the world as the essential qualification. Read more here.